How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

You could use, Heat, Bed Bug Traps, Spray, or a Steamer

Bed bugs are tiny, opportunistic pests that have no sense of territory. They can easily migrate from your bed into your luggage, clothes, and anywhere they can find food. If you suspect or notice that your house is infested with these annoying bugs, below is a simple guide on how to treat a couch for bed bugs.

Solutions to eliminating bed bugs

The following are some quick, practical solutions to getting rid of bed bugs from your favourite upholstered couch:

1. Heat treatment. You can use a clothes dryer or enclose your couch with black plastic bags and expose them to the sun. The efficiency of this method is largely dependent on the climate of your area, among other essential factors.

2. Steam cleaners. This is very effective in getting into fabrics and cracks to treat bed frames, carpets, and other furniture. The steam temperature should be above 130o F to produce satisfactory results.

3. Cold treatment. This method is very effective in the home setting if the freezer is set to 0o F. You must enclose the couch in a sealed bag and expose them to this temperature for a maximum of four days.

4. Bed Bug Bombs. Bed Bug Bombs are very effective as the smoke they produce kills all bed bugs in the room, make sure you vent the room after treatment.

5. Bed Bug Killer Solution. Get a bed bug killer solution and spray directly on bed bugs from a 30 cm distance.


Once you have tried any of the methods mentioned above to get rid of bed bugs, make sure to monitor the affected area for new bed bugs in case any eggs remain. For furniture, you can use interceptors that are placed under the legs of furniture to check for bed bugs and prevent them from climbing up the couch.

How To Steam Bed Bugs

How To Steam Bed Bugs

Use an ironing machine that has steam, go over the affected areas on the mattress, sheets or clothing

If you wish to get rid of bed bugs before they get out of hand, steam can be a useful non-chemical option.

What is the best temperature to kill bed bugs?

An adult bed bug only needs 118°F (48°C) to die completely in 90 minutes. Adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs will perish in minutes at 122°F (50°C).

Bed Bug Steam Cleaning Strategies

To effectively kill bed bugs, apply steam directly and evenly. It would be best if you also considered how the insect might be protected from the direct steam application;

• If you got clothing that you can steam, drag it across the surface as you normally would.

• If you have furniture that can survive moisture and temperature, walk over the flat planes slowly, paying special attention to crevices and bolt and screw positions, as these are places where bed bugs hide.

• Directly applying steam to kill bed bugs takes a few seconds.

• It may be difficult to dig deep enough into the cushions of a La-Z-Boy chair or an upholstered couch. If the cushions break off, you may separate those areas and get the steam in, or you can hire someone to hold the steam wand for you.

On most occasions, bed bugs can be destroyed by steam applied softly and evenly to almost any surface (that may safely be steam applied).

Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat to Kill Bed Bugs?

If a person has a bed bug problem they may have heard that they need to use heat to kill these bugs. They are wondering about the temperature that is needed to kill them and prevent the infestation from coming back.


The bed bugs will die if they are exposed to temperatures between 113°F – 140°F

Heat should be set to 113 to 140 degrees and used on the infected area for at least four hours. This will kill most of the bed bugs and the eggs. An exterminator will recommend things a little differently. They will recommend the same temperature but they would state that the heating source should be on the bugs for longer than four hours to make sure they are dead and so are the eggs.


While the temperature should be hot enough to kill the bugs some professionals say that this needs to be repeated. A person should apply heat to the infected area for at least 4 days to make sure any eggs and hatchings are dead.