What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs

What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs


What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs? Let’s face it, there is little in life that is more irritating than bed bugs! If you find that you’re struggling with these pesky insects, rest assured you can find a bit of relief here. Here are 4 safe and natural ways to repel these icky bugs and keep them from biting you.

Essential Oils

There are a few essential oils you can use to help repel bed bugs. These essential oils include; peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and cinnamon. You want to be sure to buy a genuine essential oil though, and not a poor quality one. You can click this link to learn a bit more about how to find the best quality essential oils. https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/how-do-i-choose-and-use-essential-oils Once you buy your essential oil, you’ll want to mix a half an ounce of the oil to a half gallon of water. You can put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto your skin and even around your bed or furniture. You can even spray it on areas of the body where you find that you’ve been bitten the most. Not only will it make you smell extra nice and fresh, but the oils help repel the bugs.

Sallye Ander Soaps/Lotions

Sallye Ander is a brand that sells a wide variety of soaps and lotions that not only help to repel beg bugs, and other types of insects, but it also contains ingredients that help heal and sooth existing bites and irritation. You’ll find a variety of products and even a lovely variety of scents too! Their products have natural ingredients and are even DEET free. They’re also quite affordable, so you don’t have to stress about breaking the bank. https://sallyeander.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInavG4fnL9wIVKmpvBB1xTQ_dEAAYASAAEgKT1PD_BwE

Coconut Oil

You can put a little bit of coconut oil on your skin, at night time, to prevent bed bugs from biting you. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that not only repel bedbug, but all sorts of other insects as well. Plus, it acts as a natural skin moisturizer and even smells really good. About the only downside to using coconut oil is that you might end up having to wash your bed sheets a little more often, to prevent them from becoming soiled from the oil use.

Vick’s Vapor Rub

This one might sound a little odd, but bed bugs can’t stand the scent of the menthol that’s in Vick Vapor Rub. You can simply rub a bit on your skin, concentrating on areas you get bit the most. Vick’s Vapor Rub can have a bit of a pungent smell, so if the scent is bothering you a bit, you can combine it with a fragrance-free lotion. This way you won’t need to use as much and the emollients can be spread more thoroughly, without having to use as much.

How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray

How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray


How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray

There is nothing creepier than having a bed bug in your home. Bed bug infestation is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a serious issue that, if not solved, can lead to health problems. 

Many people, when they see bedbugs, the first thing that comes to their mind is how they will get rid of them. These are unpleasant pests that won’t let you live in peace at your home. So, finding ways to kill them once they suspect bedbug infestations in their homes. 

Unluckily, these types of pests are very good at hiding, and getting rid of them entirely can be frustrating and, at the same time, time-consuming. Even though the market nowadays has lots of products that can kill bed bugs, you can still make a bed bug spray just at home. A do-it-yourself spray for bed bugs is just as great as those products made with chemicals or preservatives. The best thing is that a homemade spray is safe for your health and that of your pets.

This post brings you tips on how to make homemade bed bug spray. You’ll know what ingredients you need, how to mix them, and spraying them on surfaces. So, read on to see how you can send the bed bugs packing.

Does Vinegar work well on bed bugs?

Absolutely. Vinegar is sprayed directly on the bed bugs, which kills them instantly since it has a strong acetic acid which can disrupt the nervous system of any insect. Even though this remedy is effective and safe, it isn’t a standalone treatment. This means that you will not completely eradicate the bed bug infestation with it alone. But, you can still use it to remove and ward off the bed bugs as you look for a long-term solution. 

Ingredients you will need to make a homemade vinegar spray

White vinegar is mainly made with acetic acid, water, and citric acid.

  • Acetic acid -1 bottle (30ml)
  • 2tsp of Citric acid
  • 1 litre of water

How to prepare it

The homemade Vinegar for bed bugs isn’t pesticides; however, they’re very safe and work for early infestations. Here is how you can prepare the vinegar spray for bed bugs;

  • Prepare your ingredients
  • Place water in a bigger vessel and let it boil. Once it boils, switch off your gas.
  • Place acetic and citric acid in boiled water for 2-3 mins. 
  • Allow the mixture to cool completely. After it cools, strain it, then fill in an empty spray bottle. Here, you can use the ULINE bottles or UPC bottles. Then tighten the lid to prevent it from spilling.
  • You now have a ready-made white vinegar to kill the bed bugs.

How to apply it on surfaces

To apply the spray on surfaces, you should do the following;

Locate the infested places

To kill bed bugs, you have to locate them first. Look for the areas like corners, baseboards, behind furniture, loose wallpapers, and other hidden places you can think of.

Soak around infected places

Before spraying the bed bugs, you have to soak Vinegar around the infected areas. That way, when they try to run away, they will get straight into the solution.


Direct spraying is highly recommended when using Vinegar to kill the bed bugs. Spray on each bed bug you see with their eggs too.

Rinse & Repeat

To achieve the best results, you should repeat the process regularly, twice weekly.

This solution wil help you get rid of bed bugs, but you have to use it regularly. You have to do this weekly or twice a week for some time to completely eradicate the bed bug problem.

Removing bed bugs can be a real pain as these little suckers know how to hide. But, with the right homemade bed bug spray, you’ll be able to eradicate these little suckers from your home. Apart from this, ensure you keep your home clutter-free and clean to prevent the outbreak of these insects in your home. 

Know that these insects can bring health problems if not removed from a house immediately. Besides, they aren’t good for pets. So, do the necessary by making a bed bug spray in the comfort of your home and say goodbye to these little suckers.