How to treat shoes for bed bugs

How to treat shoes for bed bugs


How to treat shoes for bed bugs? Bed bugs will hide in any crack they find. They don’t just apply to bed. Bed bugs will get to clothes, furniture electronics, and also footwear. Bed bugs always find secluded and dark areas that are good enough to make them thrive and multiply.
Can they live in shoes?

They can live in your shoes as long you’re not using them. They love living in anything that is not moving and in a dark place. As long the shoes are near where you sleep, that could be under your bed or in your wardrobe which is six feet from your bed. The shoes should have cracks and crevices that they can hide in.
How you can treat your shoes from Bed bugs

One can get rid of bedbugs by exposing them to high to temperatures of 122 degrees, so you can put them in a washing machine if they are made from the right material or in a dryer. You can also wash them with diluted rubbing alcohol. Alcohol kills Bed bugs as soon as it makes contact with them. It also evaporates quickly, which makes it safer to use than other forms of alcohol. One can also use an insecticide the common one is Pyrethrin and pyrethroid which are low toxicity to pets and people and are fast-acting.

How Do I Get Bug Out of Shoes?

The best way to get rid of Bed bugs is through the use of heat. They quickly die at a temperature higher than 122 degrees. Additionally, the most effective way is also to put them in a drier or washing machine.

Bagging the shoes, or putting them until the Bed bugs die. They can take more than one year to die even if they are in complete isolation.

In conclusion, bedbugs are so small and they hardly need air and they don’t suffocate. They don’t drink water like humans and they are so tiny they can get sustenance from one meal and they can survive without eating for a year