how to use eucalyptus oil for bed bugs

Treating Bed Bugs with Essential Oil

Treating Bed Bugs with Essential Oil

If there a bed bugs in the home this is a problem that needs to be treated. Bed bug treatment can be easier than most people think. It is possible to treat bed bugs using essential oils including eucalyptus oil.

Essential oils especially eucalyptus oil effective at treating a bed bug infestation. When using this oil 20 drops should be diluted in some water in a spray bottle. The solution should then be sprayed on the infected areas. This includes beds, curtains, carpets, and other places where these bugs can live. A person should also spray around the windows and doors of their home since this is where the bugs may be getting in.

The eucalyptus oil can be sprayed directly on the bug. It will kill them and the oil will also repel the bugs and they will no longer want to be in the home.

Eucalyptus oil is a natural and safe way to treat bed bugs. This oil will help kill and repel the bugs so they will no longer be a problem in the home.