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How To Steam Bed Bugs

How To Steam Bed Bugs

Use an ironing machine that has steam, go over the affected areas on the mattress, sheets or clothing

If you wish to get rid of bed bugs before they get out of hand, steam can be a useful non-chemical option.

What is the best temperature to kill bed bugs?

An adult bed bug only needs 118°F (48°C) to die completely in 90 minutes. Adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs will perish in minutes at 122°F (50°C).

Bed Bug Steam Cleaning Strategies

To effectively kill bed bugs, apply steam directly and evenly. It would be best if you also considered how the insect might be protected from the direct steam application;

• If you got clothing that you can steam, drag it across the surface as you normally would.

• If you have furniture that can survive moisture and temperature, walk over the flat planes slowly, paying special attention to crevices and bolt and screw positions, as these are places where bed bugs hide.

• Directly applying steam to kill bed bugs takes a few seconds.

• It may be difficult to dig deep enough into the cushions of a La-Z-Boy chair or an upholstered couch. If the cushions break off, you may separate those areas and get the steam in, or you can hire someone to hold the steam wand for you.

On most occasions, bed bugs can be destroyed by steam applied softly and evenly to almost any surface (that may safely be steam applied).