How Baby Bed Bugs Look Like

How Baby Bed Bugs Look Like

How Baby Bed Bugs Look Like

They start very small when they hatch, they are white/yellowish colour, and after they feed, they will be red, the red colour is the blood they fed upon. After they grow they will be brown with horizontal lines on their body

The life cycle of a bed bug starts when the adult bugs lay eggs, which develop into young or baby bed bugs (also known as nymphs).

Like the eggs, nymphs are predominantly white, making it difficult to detect them as soon as they hatch. That is, however, only shortly after hatching and slightly before the first blood feed. Before becoming adults, the young bugs will go through five life phases. At each level, their colour darkens.

For the baby bed bugs to grow and develop, they must frequently feed because their exoskeleton is fragile at first. You can see blood in their abdomen once they do because they appear almost translucent before feeding. They begin to digest the blood after the first blood-feeding before shedding their exoskeleton, known as moulting.

As they nourish and digest blood, they turn brown, which they continue to do throughout the rest of the process. They are brown from all the blood nutrients when they reach the 5th and FINAL development phase, much like all the other adult bed bugs. When they refeed as grown bugs, their bodies take on blood-red colour.

Because there is no metamorphosis in the development of baby bed bugs, they resemble their adult counterparts. Their growth and colour changes are all part of their development stages. These two characteristics distinguish adult bed bugs and nymphs.