How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

How To Treat A Couch For Bed Bugs

You could use, Heat, Bed Bug Traps, Spray, or a Steamer

Bed bugs are tiny, opportunistic pests that have no sense of territory. They can easily migrate from your bed into your luggage, clothes, and anywhere they can find food. If you suspect or notice that your house is infested with these annoying bugs, below is a simple guide on how to treat a couch for bed bugs.

Solutions to eliminating bed bugs

The following are some quick, practical solutions to getting rid of bed bugs from your favourite upholstered couch:

1. Heat treatment. You can use a clothes dryer or enclose your couch with black plastic bags and expose them to the sun. The efficiency of this method is largely dependent on the climate of your area, among other essential factors.

2. Steam cleaners. This is very effective in getting into fabrics and cracks to treat bed frames, carpets, and other furniture. The steam temperature should be above 130o F to produce satisfactory results.

3. Cold treatment. This method is very effective in the home setting if the freezer is set to 0o F. You must enclose the couch in a sealed bag and expose them to this temperature for a maximum of four days.

4. Bed Bug Bombs. Bed Bug Bombs are very effective as the smoke they produce kills all bed bugs in the room, make sure you vent the room after treatment.

5. Bed Bug Killer Solution. Get a bed bug killer solution and spray directly on bed bugs from a 30 cm distance.


Once you have tried any of the methods mentioned above to get rid of bed bugs, make sure to monitor the affected area for new bed bugs in case any eggs remain. For furniture, you can use interceptors that are placed under the legs of furniture to check for bed bugs and prevent them from climbing up the couch.

Realistically How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Realistically How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Realistically How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

It really depends on how you act upon the problem and what method of disinfestation you use, If you let them spread it will be worse. The most efficient way is to call an exterminator but if you are on a budget, you can use bed bug spray or smoke bombs.

It is possible to eliminate bed bugs from home. The real question is always how long it will take and whether or not you are finished with that horrible experience. As soon as you discover a bed bug infestation, it’s time to act accordingly.

In addition to the agony associated with bed bug consequences, you can’t just walk back to your normal social life until these bugs have been removed. This is because of their ease of spreading. Consequently, if you’re currently dealing with a bed bug infestation, it’s good to get rid of them as soon as possible.

You should know that the severity of the infestation and the size of the home or the affected area will dictate the time for the entire elimination process. That said, it can take anywhere from two to four sessions of treatment within three or six weeks to get rid of these dreadful bugs.

Moreover, each case is unique. A modest infestation in a studio apartment, for instance, could be eradicated in the first session, which lasts between one and three hours. Multiple-room infestations may necessitate three to four or more treatment sessions if the infestation is severe.

Several treatments may be necessary to prevent a recurrence of the infestation. In fact, even after you are done, or at least you can’t see any bedbugs in your home, continue treating after every three months for a year to ensure that you didn’t leave any eggs.

How To Disinfect Mattresses From Bed Bugs

How To Disinfect Mattresses From Bed Bugs

How To Disinfect Mattresses From Bed Bugs

If a person notices bed bugs on their mattress there are some steps they can do to get rid of these pests and clean the mattress.


The first thing to do is get the vacuum and vacuum the mattress and surrounding areas. Be sure to empty the canister or the vacuum bag immediately and throw it in the outside trash so the bugs do not escape.


Wash all bedding in hot water for at least 30 minutes. Put them in the dry at the hottest setting for at least 30 minutes. While the bedding is being washed take a steamer and clean the bed. The streamer should be on the hottest setting. This may need to be repeated for the next few days. Also, put a heating unit facing the mattress with a temperature of up to 140 degrees for at least four hours.

Steaming the mattress should be enough to kill the bed bugs. If they persist a professional or a bug bomb may need to be used.

How Many Eggs Do Bed Bugs lay At One Time

How Many Eggs Do Bed Bugs lay At One Time

How Many Eggs Do Bed Bugs lay At One Time

Bed bugs can reproduce quickly and this makes an infestation harder to fight. A person may wonder how many bed bugs can a female lay in a day.

Each adult female produces about one egg per day. Each bedbug egg takes 10 days to hatch and another five to six weeks for the offspring to develop into an adult.

One Day

The female is able to lay between 1 and 2 eggs each day. The bed bugs live between four and six months. In her lifetime a single female can lay between 200 and 300 eggs. This is only for one female. If a person has an infestation they may have a hundred or more eggs laid each day.


The eggs take around 10 days to hatch. If the home is warm they may hatch sooner, if the home is cool it may take a little longer. Once the eggs hatch there can be several generations of bed bugs laying eggs in the home. With around 7 eggs each day from one-bed bug this can lead to ab big problem in no time.

Where to Sleep if you have Bed Bugs

Where to Sleep if you have Bed Bugs

Where to Sleep if you have Bed Bugs

If a person has bed bugs they may be wondering where they should sleep. Many will not want to sleep in bed with bugs. Professional exterminators recommend that a person stays in their bed. If they move to another room or even the couch the infestation could get worse. The bugs will look for a host and will move with them. A person should clean the bed and use hot water and a steam cleaner to try to kill the bugs. They can also use rubbing alcohol and essential oils to keep the bugs away. Even if a person goes to a hotel the problem will not be solved.

If a person suspects they should have bed bugs they need to call an exterminator right away. While they are not going to want to be around these bugs sleeping in another place will make the infestation worse and will allow the bugs to spread.

If One Room Has Bed Bugs, Do They All?

If One Room Has Bed Bugs, Do They All?

If One Room Gets Infested by Bed Bugs, Do They All?

It is hectic to find out that bed bugs have infested your bedroom. Bed bugs might suck the life out of someone and give them sleepless nights. One can unknowingly bring bed bugs to their house after traveling to visit friends and relatives. Some bed bugs hitchhike on second-hand goods and furniture you purchase at a yard sale. Nevertheless, it does not matter how they got there since they multiply very fast, and one should act fast to eliminate them as soon as possible. Sometimes it is tough to eliminate bed bugs. If one room has bed bugs, do they all?

The answer to this query might be both Yes and No. It is tough to tell whether the bed bugs have spread to the other room or not. There are more chances of more bed bugs in your rooms than you expect. These chances are determined by how long you have had bedbugs in your room, your lifestyle, how you acted when you noticed bed bugs at first, and the extent to which the infestation has taken place. If you are willing to know more about bed bugs, this article will help you out. Here you will learn about bed bug infestation, how to eliminate it, if your situation with bed bugs is worse, and how to avoid it.

Bed Bugs Identification

As the name suggests, bed bugs will always begin their infestation in your bedroom. They are brown in color and small in size. Their color and size resemble an apple seed; they are known to prey on or feed on animals and humans. They have a unique feeding strategy as they feed during the night when the host is sleeping and hide during the day. If you put on your light in the middle of the night, you should see them trying to escape. Most individuals won’t notice when bedbugs are biting them until it starts itching or the welts manifest.

Several signs may tell you that bed bugs have infested you. Most individuals affirm that bed bug bites can be extra itchy. After they bite, victims can see small blisters on their skins, welts, or red bumps. Some individuals’ skin fails to react to bed bug bites; hence they fail to notice infestation early. Some fail to recognize beg bugs’ presence as they mistake bites for something else. For instance, some people mistake bed bug bites for those obtained from fleas and mosquitos.

Apart from itchy bites, here are some signs indicating bed bugs infestation:

Adult bed bugs: it doesn’t matter whether the bug is dead or alive. One can notice nymphs and eggs commonly found in small cracks and at the edges of your mattress.

Tiny black dots: such dots are commonly seen on sheets, mattresses, and pillows. The dots are similar to inking stains from pens while they are actual bed bug feces.

Bed bug nymphs shed skin, or eggs can be seen at the edge of your mattress lining. The bug’s nymphs usually shed their skin numerous times prior to becoming adults. The skins they shed are pale yellow in color and generally small in size. Bed bugs lay translucent, tiny, and whitish eggs. The eggs are tiny such that you can barely see them with your naked eyes.

Bloodstains can be observed on your mattress and bedsheets. 

Location where bed bugs hide

It is crucial to understand that bed bugs do not reside on your bed permanently; they hide in very tiny cracks during the day. For instance, on your floorboards underneath your bed and headboards. They can hide here:

  • Behind your picture frames
  • On the wall
  • Clustered in baseboard cracks or the wall.
  • May infest on the furniture place at the side of your bed.
  • Bed bugs can be found in your chairs, couches, or sofas.
  • On your clothing and luggage.
  • Bed bugs can come with second-hand clothing or furniture.

When individuals decide to purchase second-hand items, they must check signs of bed bug manifestation to prevent carrying them to their homes. Individuals are advised to check the cracks with a flashlight or a torch for a thorough inspection. Also, individuals must press tape on the furniture they are purchasing to look for bed bug sheds or eggs when they pull the tape out.

Bed bugs, female, lay hundreds of eggs to increase their population quickly. When you find signs suggesting that there is bed bug infestation, it is essential to contact a well-known Pest control personnel. These specialists are equipped with enough training to inspect for bed bugs comprehensively. They can determine infestation extent and how much your room is infested. It has been difficult for people to eliminate bed bugs on their own since the bugs have adapted and become resistant to most pesticides sold at your store.

Is Lysol the best product for killing bed bugs?

Most individuals who fall victim to bed bug infestation or are afraid that they might have been infested unknowingly inquire whether cleaning agents such as Lysol can eliminate the bed bug population. Although spraying Lysol will kill them, it is tough for the cleaning agent to eliminate the entire population. However, excessive spraying of Lysol can damage your furniture, clothes, or even floors. Cleaning agents also have some drawbacks. For instance, cleaning agents cannot penetrate small cracks where these bugs hide.

What can be done to eliminate bed bugs?

Bed bugs are mostly affected by heat. Therefore, it is vital to wash your blankets and sheets with hot water and then dry them by applying your dryer’s hottest setting. Various steps can be taken to aid in controlling bed bug infestation.

It is also crucial to vacuum your headboards, mattresses, and floors. This will help you get rid of bed bugs efficiently. It is advisable to repeat the process of vacuuming to achieve the best outcomes.

If the infestation rate is enormous, tour furniture or bed will be beyond saving. If you dispose of your furniture due to bed bug infestation, it is important to warn others not to purchase it. Lastly, it is essential to contact a bed bug specialist to curb your infestation.

How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray

How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray


How To Make Homemade Bed Bug Spray

There is nothing creepier than having a bed bug in your home. Bed bug infestation is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a serious issue that, if not solved, can lead to health problems. 

Many people, when they see bedbugs, the first thing that comes to their mind is how they will get rid of them. These are unpleasant pests that won’t let you live in peace at your home. So, finding ways to kill them once they suspect bedbug infestations in their homes. 

Unluckily, these types of pests are very good at hiding, and getting rid of them entirely can be frustrating and, at the same time, time-consuming. Even though the market nowadays has lots of products that can kill bed bugs, you can still make a bed bug spray just at home. A do-it-yourself spray for bed bugs is just as great as those products made with chemicals or preservatives. The best thing is that a homemade spray is safe for your health and that of your pets.

This post brings you tips on how to make homemade bed bug spray. You’ll know what ingredients you need, how to mix them, and spraying them on surfaces. So, read on to see how you can send the bed bugs packing.

Does Vinegar work well on bed bugs?

Absolutely. Vinegar is sprayed directly on the bed bugs, which kills them instantly since it has a strong acetic acid which can disrupt the nervous system of any insect. Even though this remedy is effective and safe, it isn’t a standalone treatment. This means that you will not completely eradicate the bed bug infestation with it alone. But, you can still use it to remove and ward off the bed bugs as you look for a long-term solution. 

Ingredients you will need to make a homemade vinegar spray

White vinegar is mainly made with acetic acid, water, and citric acid.

  • Acetic acid -1 bottle (30ml)
  • 2tsp of Citric acid
  • 1 litre of water

How to prepare it

The homemade Vinegar for bed bugs isn’t pesticides; however, they’re very safe and work for early infestations. Here is how you can prepare the vinegar spray for bed bugs;

  • Prepare your ingredients
  • Place water in a bigger vessel and let it boil. Once it boils, switch off your gas.
  • Place acetic and citric acid in boiled water for 2-3 mins. 
  • Allow the mixture to cool completely. After it cools, strain it, then fill in an empty spray bottle. Here, you can use the ULINE bottles or UPC bottles. Then tighten the lid to prevent it from spilling.
  • You now have a ready-made white vinegar to kill the bed bugs.

How to apply it on surfaces

To apply the spray on surfaces, you should do the following;

Locate the infested places

To kill bed bugs, you have to locate them first. Look for the areas like corners, baseboards, behind furniture, loose wallpapers, and other hidden places you can think of.

Soak around infected places

Before spraying the bed bugs, you have to soak Vinegar around the infected areas. That way, when they try to run away, they will get straight into the solution.


Direct spraying is highly recommended when using Vinegar to kill the bed bugs. Spray on each bed bug you see with their eggs too.

Rinse & Repeat

To achieve the best results, you should repeat the process regularly, twice weekly.

This solution wil help you get rid of bed bugs, but you have to use it regularly. You have to do this weekly or twice a week for some time to completely eradicate the bed bug problem.

Removing bed bugs can be a real pain as these little suckers know how to hide. But, with the right homemade bed bug spray, you’ll be able to eradicate these little suckers from your home. Apart from this, ensure you keep your home clutter-free and clean to prevent the outbreak of these insects in your home. 

Know that these insects can bring health problems if not removed from a house immediately. Besides, they aren’t good for pets. So, do the necessary by making a bed bug spray in the comfort of your home and say goodbye to these little suckers.

How to treat shoes for bed bugs

How to treat shoes for bed bugs


How to treat shoes for bed bugs? Bed bugs will hide in any crack they find. They don’t just apply to bed. Bed bugs will get to clothes, furniture electronics, and also footwear. Bed bugs always find secluded and dark areas that are good enough to make them thrive and multiply.
Can they live in shoes?

They can live in your shoes as long you’re not using them. They love living in anything that is not moving and in a dark place. As long the shoes are near where you sleep, that could be under your bed or in your wardrobe which is six feet from your bed. The shoes should have cracks and crevices that they can hide in.
How you can treat your shoes from Bed bugs

One can get rid of bedbugs by exposing them to high to temperatures of 122 degrees, so you can put them in a washing machine if they are made from the right material or in a dryer. You can also wash them with diluted rubbing alcohol. Alcohol kills Bed bugs as soon as it makes contact with them. It also evaporates quickly, which makes it safer to use than other forms of alcohol. One can also use an insecticide the common one is Pyrethrin and pyrethroid which are low toxicity to pets and people and are fast-acting.

How Do I Get Bug Out of Shoes?

The best way to get rid of Bed bugs is through the use of heat. They quickly die at a temperature higher than 122 degrees. Additionally, the most effective way is also to put them in a drier or washing machine.

Bagging the shoes, or putting them until the Bed bugs die. They can take more than one year to die even if they are in complete isolation.

In conclusion, bedbugs are so small and they hardly need air and they don’t suffocate. They don’t drink water like humans and they are so tiny they can get sustenance from one meal and they can survive without eating for a year

Treating Bed Bugs with Essential Oil

Treating Bed Bugs with Essential Oil

If there a bed bugs in the home this is a problem that needs to be treated. Bed bug treatment can be easier than most people think. It is possible to treat bed bugs using essential oils including eucalyptus oil.

Essential oils especially eucalyptus oil effective at treating a bed bug infestation. When using this oil 20 drops should be diluted in some water in a spray bottle. The solution should then be sprayed on the infected areas. This includes beds, curtains, carpets, and other places where these bugs can live. A person should also spray around the windows and doors of their home since this is where the bugs may be getting in.

The eucalyptus oil can be sprayed directly on the bug. It will kill them and the oil will also repel the bugs and they will no longer want to be in the home.

Eucalyptus oil is a natural and safe way to treat bed bugs. This oil will help kill and repel the bugs so they will no longer be a problem in the home.

How efficient are bed bug bombs



What are bed bugs? Even though there are all kinds of different insects crawling around in our homes today, some of these insects tend to be a lot more dangerous to humans than others. While some insects may be a nuisance to watch, some can be harmful to everyone’s health. One of the most commonly known among many homeowners and apartment rentals is the bed bug.

So, what are bed bugs?

Bedbugs can be described as small, reddish-brown, flat wingless insects that‘s about the size of a one-quarter inch in length, and they can grow and become longer after they bite and feed on people as they sleep. To mask their existence in your home, these little insects are skilled in finding many different places to hide. From inside the seam of your mattress and box springs to the inside your headboards and bed frames, they can also be found in the cracks and crevices of your wall and floors.

How do bed bugs Get Inside Your Home

Keeping your home clean and tidy is one of the best ways to fight bed bugs. However, there is more than one way that bed bugs can gain entrance into your house. With that said, here are a few things to look out for.

  • Used Furniture from some other person’s house
  • Known for hitching a ride in your luggage or purse from a hotel
  • Travel from place to place in multi-family complexes, apartments and the like

How to Determine If You Have an infestation of Bed bugs or a Problem that needs to be Addressed

You may not know when these insects enter your property. Or, how these little insects are evading the areas in your home that you want to keep them out of. However, there are different ways that you can tell if they have arrived as well as how to identify them quickly. For instance, here are some key characteristics that you should look for.

  • shed bed-bug skins in the bed
  • droppings can be seen in different areas around your bed and your bedding
  • bloodstains left on the sheets from them biting people in the night hours

Even though these signs can be disturbing and unnerving to anyone in the home, there are some things that can be done. Therefore, you may want to start by checking out your option for eradicating them completely. Based on the situation, you may want to start the process by using bed bug bombs.

How Efficient are Bed Bug Bombs

As mentioned above, there are some things that you can do to eliminate these insects from taking over your home. In fact, there are many different ways to address these situations, including cleaning up areas of infestation. Since these insects are actually very good at hiding, you need to clean the places that hide first. Typically, you may change out all of your bedding with completely new sheets and pillows. However, before you change the bedding, you need to make sure that there are no bed bugs on the inside of your mattresses. 

After cleaning out the remains (dead shells), the next step is to use these bombs. For instance, some people recommend using bug bombs to kill them off. Also, before you decide to take this route, you know both the pros and cons of this approach.


Cost Savings – Less Expensive than Professional Services

Bed bug bombs are preferred by homeowners for a number of different reasons. This is also why so many homeowners are choosing these bug bombs to take of care of the problems that they are experiencing in their homes. In fact, in all actuality, some homeowners are choosing this option for their homes because of the cost factor involved. This is especially true if the owner of the home is looking to save money on the cost of hiring an expensive pest control company to provide these and other similar services. So, the cost of buying a bug bomb are a lot cheaper than investing in a pest exterminator

Contains Reasonably Effective Insecticides

If you are thinking about using bug bombs to get rid of the problems in your home, you need to know if this solution is a good option for you. While the bed bug bomb does not provide a comprehensive solution that get rid of every trace of these problems, they are effective enough to kill out a huge number of your problems. This is because bug bombs contain insecticides that will kill bed bugs easily on contact. These bombs are highly toxic so they are good for killing out these bugs so that they cannot remain hidden. 


While there are some great benefits to using these bombs to kill and control these infestations, there are some downsides, too. One of the most notable drawbacks is that these bombs do not kill out the eggs of the bed bugs that they leave back. And, in some cases, both juvenile and adults can hide from the toxic fumes that the bombs create. So, simply put, this is bug bombs are ideal for addressing the initial problems, but it is not a solution that will completely eradicate your concerns without some additional help. 


How efficient are bug bombs? To answer this question, you need to learn as much as you can about bed bugs and their habits. You need to know how they enter your home, where these insects hide, and what chemicals work best in killing them out. 

Also, because bug bombs do contain insecticides that do work efficiently, in part. And, they can be a great solution for killing out a big part of these infestations. This is especially true for anyone who is looking to destroy them with toxic fumes. However, even though these fumes are very strong and toxic enough to kill out the majority of your problems, these chemicals do not take care of the eggs that these insects leave back. As a result, these bug bombs are ideal for intial issues but will not completely eradicate an infestation.