How To Find Where Bed Bugs Are Hiding

How To Find Where Bed Bugs Are Hiding

How To Find Where Bed Bugs Are Hiding

When you think of bed bugs, you probably think of bloodsucking pests hiding out in the seams of your mattress. But these tiny but tenacious pests can be anywhere, especially if you have pest-friendly conditions on your bed-sharing-friendly hands. Here are some effective ways to find where your bed bugs are hiding.

Bed bugs usually hide in dark places, they can be in the bedding, Drawers, mattresses, paintings, behind plastic sockets, Laptops, Phones

Open All your Drawers

Bed bugs tend to hide in your things, and they’re most likely to be hiding in your drawers. Open all your drawers and put items on the floor, like your bag and clothes. Inspect each item for signs of bed bugs; their blood-smeared stomachs are a dead giveaway.

Check Your Mattress

A bed bug’s favorite hiding spot is your mattress. Don’t just throw it away if you notice signs of bed bug bites and/or blood spots on your mattress. You can also use a special bed bug detector to check your mattress. If the detector detects bed bugs, you may have a serious infestation on your hands.

Scrape the Walls and Baseboards

While a wriggly bed bug on your sheets is a big deal, the crumbs and specks of blood on your walls and baseboards are a sign that you have a bigger problem. Scrape the walls around your bed and baseboards with a dull knife to eliminate the bed bugs hiding in crevices. 

Check for Eggs and Nymphs

Bed bugs can lay eggs and nymphs, and they can look identical to an adult bed bug. You can check for eggs and nymphs by vacuuming your mattress and bases. Vacuuming also dislodges bed bugs hiding in the seams and edges of your mattress. 


Bed bugs hide in secret places and are nocturnal, which means they’re most active at night. You can find where they’re hiding by opening all your drawers, vacuuming your mattress, scraping the walls and baseboards, vacuuming your baseboards, checking your mattress, and looking for eggs and nymphs. Once you find bed bugs, contact a pest-control company to get rid of them. Bed bugs can sneak into new areas, so it’s important to watch your guests.

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