How Many Types Of Bed Bugs Are There

How Many Types Of Bed Bugs Are There

How Many Types Of Bed Bugs Are There

There are around 90 species of bed bugs discovered until now

The fact that is based on how many types of bed bugs exist will surprise you. There are roughly 90 different species of bed bugs. However, humans, are commonly victimized by three different types of bed bugs.

And each is identified via different characteristics and exhibits different behaviours. Essentially identifying the type of bed bugs in your home is important to choose the perfect method to exterminate them. Below is a list to help you know how many types of bed bugs are there.

1. Cimex lectularius

This is among the most common bed bug worldwide. An apple seed is used to describe its size. They are flat and broad, oval at one specific end and at other one-pointed. They are dark brown and uniquely hairly. They have almost the same blood-sucking to mosquitoes and hide in crevices, cracks, etc.

2. Leptocimex boueti

This type of bed bug prefers to live in subtropical and tropical habitats. They are most populated in West Africa and America. Fortunately, most members of this bed bug feed on bats’ blood rather than human being. They are oval, flat and have a similar brown-black colour to the common bed bug. They live in the caves and lay many eggs, even in human houses.

3. Cimex hemipterus

The only thing which separates these bed bugs from common ones is that they live in subtropical and tropical locations. The behaviour and appearance are similar to that of common bed bugs, and they as well suck human blood.


It’s important to note that the common signs that you have bed bugs in your home are small red bites which often appear in zigzag or line patterns. Also, sometimes you may notice a dark spotting on your either cloth furniture, carpets, or mattress from faecal droppings. Overall, identifying the type of bed bug in your home will help professionals ensure they provide you with the right and most effective service.

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