How Fast Does Bed Bug Multiply?

How Fast Does Bed Bug Multiply

How Fast Does Bed Bug Multiply

Each adult female produces about one egg per day. Each bedbug egg takes 10 days to hatch and another five to six weeks for the offspring to develop into an adult.

In the case you see a bed bug or are facing signs of bed bug problems, you most probably have questions such as how fast bed bugs multiply.

So, how fast do bed bugs multiply?

When bed bugs enter your home, the infestation will take some months before it becomes the main problem. Female bed bugs lay about one to five eggs per day and about 200 during their entire lifecycle. The eggs hatch in around 7 to 10 days in ideal conditions and are translucent white and tiny, making them very hard to see.

A newly hatched nymph feeds on blood and moults five times to become an adult. In as few as twenty-one days, they can become adults under ideal temperatures between 20-27 degrees Celsius and consistent access to a blood meal. But it usually takes about five weeks to get into maturity, and it’s when the infestation will begin showing.

Regardless of how long it takes, female bed bugs lay about two eggs a day, and the fact that it’s usually not one bug, it’s worrying if you consider how many eggs there can be in just a month.

Bottom Line

While bed bugs don’t reproduce as fast as other pests and the infestation takes more time to develop, you now know how long it takes for bed bugs to multiply and how quickly the infestation can grow within a few months after the eggs are hatched. It’s hard to notice bed bug issues in the early stages. And when the invasion is on, it can be very challenging to eliminate.

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