Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat to Kill Bed Bugs

Heat to Kill Bed Bugs?

If a person has a bed bug problem they may have heard that they need to use heat to kill these bugs. They are wondering about the temperature that is needed to kill them and prevent the infestation from coming back.


The bed bugs will die if they are exposed to temperatures between 113°F – 140°F

Heat should be set to 113 to 140 degrees and used on the infected area for at least four hours. This will kill most of the bed bugs and the eggs. An exterminator will recommend things a little differently. They will recommend the same temperature but they would state that the heating source should be on the bugs for longer than four hours to make sure they are dead and so are the eggs.


While the temperature should be hot enough to kill the bugs some professionals say that this needs to be repeated. A person should apply heat to the infected area for at least 4 days to make sure any eggs and hatchings are dead.

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