What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs

What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs


What Can You Put on Your Skin to Repel Bed Bugs? Let’s face it, there is little in life that is more irritating than bed bugs! If you find that you’re struggling with these pesky insects, rest assured you can find a bit of relief here. Here are 4 safe and natural ways to repel these icky bugs and keep them from biting you.

Essential Oils

There are a few essential oils you can use to help repel bed bugs. These essential oils include; peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and cinnamon. You want to be sure to buy a genuine essential oil though, and not a poor quality one. You can click this link to learn a bit more about how to find the best quality essential oils. https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/how-do-i-choose-and-use-essential-oils Once you buy your essential oil, you’ll want to mix a half an ounce of the oil to a half gallon of water. You can put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto your skin and even around your bed or furniture. You can even spray it on areas of the body where you find that you’ve been bitten the most. Not only will it make you smell extra nice and fresh, but the oils help repel the bugs.

Sallye Ander Soaps/Lotions

Sallye Ander is a brand that sells a wide variety of soaps and lotions that not only help to repel beg bugs, and other types of insects, but it also contains ingredients that help heal and sooth existing bites and irritation. You’ll find a variety of products and even a lovely variety of scents too! Their products have natural ingredients and are even DEET free. They’re also quite affordable, so you don’t have to stress about breaking the bank. https://sallyeander.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInavG4fnL9wIVKmpvBB1xTQ_dEAAYASAAEgKT1PD_BwE

Coconut Oil

You can put a little bit of coconut oil on your skin, at night time, to prevent bed bugs from biting you. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that not only repel bedbug, but all sorts of other insects as well. Plus, it acts as a natural skin moisturizer and even smells really good. About the only downside to using coconut oil is that you might end up having to wash your bed sheets a little more often, to prevent them from becoming soiled from the oil use.

Vick’s Vapor Rub

This one might sound a little odd, but bed bugs can’t stand the scent of the menthol that’s in Vick Vapor Rub. You can simply rub a bit on your skin, concentrating on areas you get bit the most. Vick’s Vapor Rub can have a bit of a pungent smell, so if the scent is bothering you a bit, you can combine it with a fragrance-free lotion. This way you won’t need to use as much and the emollients can be spread more thoroughly, without having to use as much.

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